Friday, September 21, 2007

Interviewing the Interviewer Part 3 : What is the typical experience of a new hire?

What is the typical experience of a new hire? This will give you an idea of the first few months of work will be like. There are some jobs that just dump you at a desk and hand you a stack of papers to read. Is this the new hire experience you are looking for? Although this question is definitely doesn't yield a make or break answer, it is something good to know. I personally prefer a company that will invest time on proper training. Most people do not work well with a stack of documents for training. What would be great is being able to sit with a co-worker, get a feel for the work there and begin working. My friend at Google said he was checking in code on the first day he started. It seems that their new hire process is very streamline. The last thing I want to do in my first week or two is configuring my system, training and taking care of a bunch of overheard before I start coding. Again, this isn't the most important question to ask an employer, but I think it is an intelligent one which will open up more conversation about the company.

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